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Tuesday slide seminar, October 16th 2018
Anders Paetau
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB,
University Central Hospital,
Helsinki, Finland
Case 4905
68 M Hypertension, nephrosclerosis and renal insufficiency. Lately leg weakness. Muscle bx from left vastus lateralis to check for inclusion body myositis.
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Case 4906
47 F Earlier respiratory symptoms at work, later diagnosed with chronic fatique syndrome. With that diagnosis retired from work. Complaints of muscular weakness led to a muscle bx from right vastus lateralis
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Case 4907
12 M DM type 1 (insulin infusion pump) diagnosed at the age of 5; now muscular weakness and increased CK. Muscle biopsy from right thigh.
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Case 4908
52 M A skull base dural attached meningioma-like tumour resected.
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Case 4909
10 M Signs of increased intracranial pressure, tumour in the pineal region operated.
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Case 4910
91 F Slight memory and speech problems, after a fall more serious symptoms and exitus quite rapidly. Forensic autopsy revealed pulmonary embolus, and a neuropathological consultation was performed to rule out primary traumatic change; the brain showed
a contusion-suspect area in the left temporoparietal region.
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Case 4911
74 F Hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease, to hospital with pyelonephritis, quite sudden death. Autopsy revealed a swollen left calf (with deep thrombosis) and a massive pulmonary embolism. A few brain areas were sampled to correlate with the clinical AD diagnosis
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