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Scientific Session 2,
June 10th 2011

Chair: Jan Ulrik Prause, Copenhagen, Denmark (EOPS)BR>

Case 7
Presented by: Thomas J. Cummings, Durham, North Carolina (VZS)

Brain tumors in a patient with inherited retinoblastoma
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Case 8
Presented by: Elisabeth M. Messmer, Munich, Germany (EOPS)

Periorbital tumor after retinoblastoma
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Case 9
Presented by: Nasreen A. Syed, Iowa City, Iowa (VZS)

Orbital liposarcoma in a patient with hereditary retinoblastoma
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Case 10
Presented by: Dejan M. Rasic, Belgrade, Serbia (EOPS)

Aggressive sinonasal psammomatoid ossifying fibroma with intraorbital extension
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Case 11
Presented by: Claudia Auw-H├Ądrich, Freiburg, Germany (EOPS)

Fifty-four year old female patient with unilateral exophthalmos since 3 months. Cavernous hemangioma, schwannoma?
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Case 12
Presented by: Irene Pecorella, Rome, Italy (EOPS)

Orbital Schwannoma
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