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Ultrarapid IHC on frozen sections on sentinel lymph nodes. Shown examples of pan-cytokeratin (Cytonel-Plus kit) and cytokeratin 19 (Cytonel-19) kit. Routine stains are shown in parallel to demonstrate how helpful intraoperative IHC is.
Sample 1
Intraoperative frozen section from a sentinel node from a breast cancer patient (lobular carcinoma). Can you identify metastasis on H&E? With ultrarapid IHC the metastasis was easy to confirn. Therefore axillary dissection could be performed during the primary operation.
sentinel node HE and IHC side by side
Sample 2
Frozen section of sentinel node slices embedded in one cryoblock. Stained with Cytonel-19 kit (6 min protocol) for intraoperative diagnosis.
CK19 (intraoperative)
Sample 3
Frozen section of sentinel lymph node slices staind with Cytonel-Plus kit (6 min protocol).
Sample 4
Slices of two sentinel nodes embedded in one cryoblock and stained with Cytonel-19 kit.
Macro- and micrometastases can be seen.